Quality is delivered through systems that have been tailored over the past 7 years, and through educating our carefully selected staff. Quality is our number one value and our work out in the public arena is harshly judged by our own internal procedures.

Our Managing Director himself visit each project during, and at completion of each project, and do a quality check on our work delivered. Doing it right first time makes us profitable and makes it easy for our customers to come back to us tomorrow.

We have not been certified by ISO or other standards, but we have been certified by our own high standard. Our staff know, a lack of QUALITY can cost you when we do our Performance appraisals here at Spyker.

Our quality is in our process and systems. Our main business system is known as simPRO :

All resource scheduling is done through simPRO. SimPRO is used from the quotation request process to the warranty management, asset management and aging, and everything in between. Quotations, changes to jobs, changes to purchase orders, progress to project plans, progress to document management, progress to invoicing, and along the way, including posting our financial records to Myob.

Asset Management is a Value added service we offer in order to complete our quality assurance to our customers.

“There is no comparison to Quality work"

Our Values

Our staff are carefully selected, and values and ethics are very important to us as an organisation.


“There is no comparison”


“Shows loyalty”


“Never give up”


“Hold the door for someone”


”Change is the only constant”


“Take care of each other and of family”


“Do not under estimate the power of ‘Thank you’ “


“Be grateful and remember that what we have today can be taken away tomorrow”


“Even the most complex tasks and assignments can be made simpler when we focus on the solutions – together”


“What defines our character and our integrity is not measured by what happens to us; but rather by how we react and respond to what happens to us”


“Vision is created by our dreams and daydreams, alike, Vision provides the avenue to take our lives to wherever we want them to go. Our vision reminds us that we are always capable of learning and growing into who we want to be”


“Some days are just naturally better than others. It’s the same way in our interpersonal relationships and in our faith. Believe in each other, and trust in our faith”