We care for the Environment

Prevent and Restore

It is difficult for small businesses to achieve the same scope of infrastructure as medium and large businesses. Yet we care just as much for the environment, if not more.

Our organisation is small enough to have good control over our everyday operations, and that allows us to make sure our staff maintain the right approach when it comes to matters of our environment.

Prevention is our first approach, and if we have no choice, approval is obtained through the right channels. Naturally, restoring and rehabilitation is done where needed.

The following image shows how we trenched through tree roots without damaging them

Solar CCTV and Lighting

Spyker Technologies has built and deployed many Solar Powered CCTV Solutions, and Solar Lighting Solutions.

Those that really care for the future of our planet and our children, will prioritise the implementation of renewable energy solutions.

Here at Spyker we build solutions that work, and last, and are reliable.

Solar Flood-Lights

Reliable Solar Lighting, Now remotely manageable