Innovative CCTV Solutions

Design Consultants
With 10 years experience on CCTV solutions, and 30 years of IT experience, Spyker Business Solutions can assist with designing reliable CCTV Solutions of high quality and standards that exceed expectation.
Our staff have extensive installation experience of small and large systems, for Government, Business, Mining, and Home Owners. Our staff are Licensed and Registered with ASIAL and the WA Police.
Just like any other assets, CCTV equipment is only reliable if it is well maintained, cleaned, refocused, and system health monitored. Maintenance agreements are customised to each customer's budget
City of Mandurah
Kellie Wilson
I am extremely satisfied with Spyker's work. Paul is easy to get along with and always responds within fantastic timelines. Their work was to a high standard and produce quality outcomes. The new CCTV cameras are really impressive and met the existing scope. Some work that was conducted was over an above what was expected and paid for to ensure the quality of the project. I would strongly recommend Spyker for future projects; Haylee Bullock: I am very satisfied with the implementation of this project. The staff were very easy to work alongside, communicating updates on the progress of the project multiple times a week and any actions / approvals required from the City. The overall project was completed in time (closely aligned to the project schedule provided at the beginning) without any major concerns. Spyker's dedication to quality and timely project delivery is of a very high standard. I highly recommend Spyker for any future project or work for the City of Mandurah; Sam Cook: Spyker's work ethic and products are of an excellent standard. Spyker has consistently shown due diligence and gone above and beyond to ensure the product supplied will perform as stated. (example providing the BSP-360 for its battery monitor features).