Mine Site Security

The following images is from a customer site where Spyker Business Solution supplied and installed Access Control, Dual Height Intercom Systems, Boom Gates and a state of the art CCTV camera solution that allow mine-site security to manage access to and from the site remotely, monitor residents behaviour and keep an eye out for food contamination.

The dual height intercoms allow truck drivers and small vehicle drivers to communicate with security officers without having to leave their vehicle. The cameras are on 24 x 7 and remote guards have visibility of all activities at the remote gate.

The software that we used for Access Control is from Inner Range, an Australian company, and the software used for CCTV monitoring and management is Milestone Xprotect, a world leader in the CCTV industry.

This installation will save our customer hundreds of thousands of dollars in Security Guard costs over the next couple of years.

For more information, contact Paul Willemse via e-mail, or call Paul on 0417 959 786

Minesite Security Gates
Minesite Security Gates


Security Gate Camera

Minestite Gate Camera

Minesite Gate Camera


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