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Local Government

WALGA Preferred Supplier

Spyker Technologies Pty Ltd, Trading as Spyker Business Solutions, your preferred WALGA panel member for CCTV Surveillance. Spyker Business Solutions also provide IT Service and Support


IT – Sales and Support

Spyker Business Solutions founder, Paul Willemse has 8 years experience as Manager Information Systems in the Local Government in Western Australia. As an experienced X-Local Government employee, Paul is able to assist with most IT and CCTV requirements including the following:


  • IT System Design, Implementation and Support
  • CCTV and IT Policy development
  • Shared Service Agreement development and implementation
  • SynergySoft support
  • Process Mapping and improvement
  • Software Requirement Analysis and Implementation / Change Management
  • Website development – Project management
  • Electronic Document Management System implementation and Workflow development
  • Style-Guide and Branding – Projects management



Everyday life in a town or city just needs to work – and to be safe. Spyker Business Solutions provide complete, central surveillance systems covering a whole town or city – from fixed locations like parks, streets and public buildings to deployable monitoring at special events.

Two such towns where we have deployed such CCTV solutions are in the Shire of Murray and the  Shire of Waroona, see examples below:


Pinjarra – Western Australia

At Pinjarra Skate Park we have installed an Axis P5534-E PTZ cameras with covert Infra Red lights. The cameras allow for pre-set Guard Tours to zoom in at random times to get close-up views.

Automated Guard Tour -  example

Automated Guard Tour – example


Waroona – Western Australia

In Waroona we have installed numerous cameras with which the Waroona Police has had much success. CCTV cameras are installed in various locations and interconnect with a Wireless IP network to the Shire Administration building where the server is hosted. From there a link connects the Waroona Police station where footage is used to assist with their investigations and monitoring.

One example is in Waroona’s main street:

Axis Q6035-E, PTZ with Guard Tour functionality. All PTZ cameras can be controlled by the police.

Waroona Main Street during day-time
Waroona Main Street during day-time

Axis Q6035-E at night with no IR, just street lighting.

Waroona Main Street at night
Waroona Main Street at night


Axis Q1604-E with 15mm-50mm with varifocal lens, adjusted to filter out bright lights, supported with IR to read Licence Plates

Waroona reg-cam
Waroona reg-cam

For more information or if you would are interested to get a quotation, please contact Paul at paulw@spyker.net.au or phone Paul on 0417 959 786.

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