Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting

Spyker Technologies Pty Ltd has expanded our scope of products and services to Solar Lighting.

Our first project has just completed.

Objectives were given to commission lights to two poles, one on either side of the Skate Park; each fitted with 3 x 50 Watt LED lights, powered by solar power with operational times specified as follows:

  • Lights comes on at Dusk and turns off at 8:30pm during the week and at 10:00pm on Weekends.
  • Lights to alert users of the Skatepark 5 minutes before they go off.

2 x Solar panels and 3 x floodlights were mounted on a new 7m octagonal hinged pole that is balanced by counter weights for easy access and maintenance. 3 more floodlights were mounted on a previously installed CCTV pole on the opposite side of the Skate Park.

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